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POCO ® Bow - Violin (XVPB-V)
Poco Bow

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Product Code: XVPB-V


JonPaul branded violin POCO ® Bow is modeled exactly after the bow Dr.Suzuki created. These bows are custom made for and available only from Young Musicians, Inc. JonPaul Bows is a Premier maker of bows in the United States.

Designed as a round true Brazilwood stick, fully lined ebony frog, beautifully figured pearl slide and eyes, nickel silver winding and button and high quality Mongolian horsehair. It is built with a comfortable and appropriate size frog.
The Violin POCO ® Bow is 10 ½” total length.

The Cello - POCO ® Bow
is 12” in total length.
The Bass - POCO ® Bow (German Style Frog) is 14 ½" in total length.
The Bass PLUS - POCO ® Bow (French Style Frog) is available in 15" or 12 ⅛" total length.

Teachers fortunate enough to actually study with Dr. Suzuki in Japan know about the miniature violin bow he designed. He used it to encourage young students to utilize the entire bow length rather than just the top half. You may find other "short bows" elsewhere, but they are likely not to these specifications or quality. The POCO ® Bow is modeled exactly after the bow Dr. Suzuki created.

The "POCO ®
Bow" - (The Italian music reference is tiny or small - thus it is the "little bow") is only 10 1/2" long from end to end. It was designed and custom manufactured exclusively for Young Musicians, Inc. by the well known JonPaul Bow company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. This unique bow is much more than a conversation piece. Created with a full-size fully lined ebony frog, leather grip, Brazilwood stick and genuine quality horsehair it is a working functional teaching tool for the serious professional.

The "POCO ® Bow" is perfect for multiple instructional purposes. And yes - it's just about the coolest conversation piece you will ever perform with!

Read what one teacher who studied with Dr. Suzuki had to say:

String students often play only in the upper half of their bow, and resist going all the way to the frog. Dr Suzuki had the best trick for this... he would hand us the mini bow, and say, 'ah, you like a little bit of bow? here, for you, a little bit of bow!'

I enjoy teaching Veracini Gigue using this bow; it is perfect for teaching finger action and flexibility. I find if I add a small weighted clip to the tip, it helps to maintain balance. Thank you for making the POCO
Bow, Young Musicians, Inc! Now we can all join in on the fun at the frog.
The Poco(TM) Bow