Young Musicians, Inc.

Since 1984 Young Musicians, Inc. has earned the level of customer respect you only receive from a small family-owned business. With customers now in over 70 countries we reach out to the Suzuki Method & Traditional music community unlike any other company. We have seen decades of massive changes and evolution from true "mail orders" in the 80's to "phone orders" and now the internet. Well informed customers and teachers looking for quality student string instruments, accessories, service and advice will recognize what Young Musicians, Inc has to offer.

While some of our big competitors continue to print wasteful 100+ page printed catalogs - we are much wiser with the resources of the earth. In these modern times the days of advertising only by printed catalog have come and gone. We wisely use the internet to save time, money and resources and know our customers respect that. Through all the market changes, our customers know that they will find the same caring ownership which has been there from the beginning. Honest principles, hard work and dedication to family are the foundation of our business.

WE BELIEVE that the FAMILY (your family and ours) is the most important organization in the world. WE KNOW that GOOD MUSIC & MUSIC EDUCATION is a vital element that helps families grow closer together through practice, patience and love for one another. Happiness in the home is based on true principles of love at home.

Now that you know more about us we invite you to give us the opportunity to earn your business. No matter where you live, we look forward to doing business with you now and in the future.