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Choosing Your Violin

Every violin is unique and different - even if they are made by the same maker. Selecting your violin can seem overwhelming. It is best to begin with your budget in mind while also considering your level of current ability and beyond. Your violin teacher can and should be consulted in the process as they likely have years of experience and know quality when they see and hear it.

Many of our lower price instruments are sold as an outfit which includes the case and bow. These outfits are perfect for the beginner. As the price range increases violins are sold as the "instrument only" which allows the more seasoned and experienced musician to select their bow and case for their independent qualities.

Sadly, many new students (and their parents) will be persuaded to purchase only on the basis of cost which will almost always result in the purchase of a "cheap" instrument. With internet search you can find many poor quality cheap, cheap, cheap violins outfits. This is usually followed by the new student giving up sooner-than-later because the instrument is so hard to play and offers poor quality tone.

We invite you to shop our huge selection of violins from beginner to the per-professional. We have been servicing the string orchestra community since 1984.