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Pinkinest ®
Pinkinest (R)

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List Price: $12.95
Our Price: $8.25
Savings: $4.70

Product Code: PNEST

The World-Famous Pinkinest ® is a durable, simple-to-use bow aid for violin and viola students which is helpful in teaching beginners how to obtain a better bow hold. It is easy to attach and requested by parents and teachers world-wide. Each one is hand made to perfection.

Pinkinest ® is a registered trademark of Young Musicians, Inc.

Don't be fooled by "copy-cat" products or even DIY suggestions to make your own. Only ours is made from the specific and correct type of tubing. Each one is hand cut to specific measurements. We have sold the
Pinkinest ® product and shipped it just about every place on earth.

Unlike similar devices that are injection molded into various shapes and which sometimes weigh more than the bow itself, the
Pinkinest ® adds very little weight to the bow and you can still store your bow in the case using a bow spinner like normal.
How to Install the Pinkinest®