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Music Mind Games Do Re Mi Cards
Music Mind Games Do Re Mi Cards

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The do re mi cards are colored cards with black letters. The set includes the five cards for each of the seven solfege syllables in the sequence of rainbow colors: do (red), re (orange), mi (yellow), fa (green), so (blue), la (indigo), ti (violet), and do (red). Additionally, "sol" and "si" are included in the appropriate color since different countries use different pronunciations and spellings of these two pitches. The front of each card has one syllable and the back is plain and the same color as the front. A card with the Curwen hand signs in colors to match the "do re mi" syllables is included. Three games for learning solfege are also included.

The do re mi cards may be used with either a "fixed do" or "moveable do" system. They may be used either independently or in combination with staff slates, clefs and ledger lines, accidentals, grand staff cards, magic notes and magic wands.

When used with games these cards help students:

learn to sing intervals (seconds, thirds, fifths, etc)
learn to sing triads and scales
develop listening skills by training students to recognize different intervals through singing
You can use the do re mi cards to play such games as: Fat Snake, Fine, Interval Dictation Circle, Snake, Beginning Dictation, and Face Down.

Bold letters are easy to read
Cards match the size of the other materials
Three game ideas are included