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Music Mind Games Blue Jello Cards Set 2
Blue Jello Cards Set 2

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New! The blue jello cards - set 2 follow the blue jello cards ?set 1 and are used to teach a fun vocabulary of rhythmic words for reading rhythms, writing rhythms, understanding note and rest values, notating compositions and for playing games. They contain a sequence of 60 patterns designed for music students who have learned and enjoyed the blue jello cards ?set 1. The students have such a good time with these cards. They think they are so fun! They laugh and learn the patterns so easily.

There are new guide cards for learning the 14 new Blue Jello words, hand signs and drawings. The guide cards from blue jello cards - set 1 are also included since the patterns found in set 1 are included in the rhythms in this set. Like all Music Mind Games materials, the blue jello cards are not used as flash cards. Instead, they are read together with students learning by imitating the pronunciation, steady beat, and tempo of their teacher's voice.

The blue jello cards can be used independently and in combination with real rhythm cards (winter 2012), blue jello word cards, magic notes and magic wands. Blue jello cards can be used to play such games as: Blue Jello Cards, Blue Jello Dominos, Blue Jello Bingo, Blue Jello Tic Tac Toe, Note and Rest Hunt and Double Bar Sit Down.

When used with games from the book Music Mind Games, these cards help all levels of students:

learn a fun vocabulary to read single notes, rests and note groupings
learn to keep a steady beat when reading rhythms
learn a vocabulary to identify rhythms by listening
learn the relative values of basic notes and rests
learn to divide notes and rests into measures
learn hand signs to understand how notes and rests are drawn and increase finger dexterity
read musical scores with confidence
prepare for games using rhythm bingo cards, blue jello word cards, rhythm playing cards and notes and rests cards

Key Features of the Cards:

The Blue Jello hand signs provide kinesthetic learning
Each new note or rest is introduced one at a time. The new note or rest first appears on one card in context with previously learned notes and rests. The next card features only the new note or rest. This sequence is followed by several cards with the new note or rest and previously learned notes and rests.
Colored borders help students stay focused
The centers of each card are white so they are easier to read
The pacing and sequence of the patterns is well thought-out
Cards have various numbers of beats so when time signatures are learned, one meter doesn뭪 feel 뱈ore correct?than another one