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Music Mind Games Blue Jello Cards, Set 1
Blue Jello Cards, Set 1

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The cards are printed on both sides in a size that works well for individual or group teaching situations. There are 58 patterns and two useful charts: One with the blue jello words and matching symbols and another with photos of the blue jello hand signs.   When used with games from the book Music Mind Games, these cards help students:  
  • learn the difference between a note and a rest      
  • learn a fun vocabulary to read rhythms easily      
  • learn a vocabulary to make it easier to identify rhythms they hear      
  • learn the values of basic notes and rests and their relationship to each other      
  • learn to keep a steady beat when reading rhythms      
  • learn to recognize and read note groupings      
  • learn fun hand signs to help understand rhythms easier and increase memory and understanding of how notes and rests are drawn      
  • prepare for card games using rhythm playing cards and notes and rests cards
 The blue jello cards can be used independently and in combination with real rhythm cards, rhythm playing cards, notes and rests cards, magic notes and magic wands.   Blue jello cards can be used to play such games as: Blue Jello Cards, Blue Jello Bingo, Blue Jello Tic Tac Toe, Note and Rest Hunt and Double Bar Sit Down.  Features  
  • There are blue jello hand signs so students use kinesthetic learning while adding even more fun to learning rhythms.      
  • Blue jello cards can now be taught in a specific order to facilitate understanding.      
  • Each new note or rest is introduced one at a time. The new note or rest first appears on one card in context with previously learned notes and rests. The next card features only the new note or rest. This sequence is followed by several cards with the new note or rest and previously learned notes and rests.      
  • Blue jello cards may also be mixed up and combined together for reading and games.      
  • Colored borders help students stay focused.      
  • The centers of each card are white so they are easier to read.