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Review Cards for Suzuki Violin & Viola (Vols 1 - 4)
Review Cards for Suzuki Violin & Viola (Vols 1 - 4)

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Aside from listening, reviewing is the most important part of the practice session. Student's think "moving on" is progress, but in reality, musical skill is developed through daily review of learned pieces. Using Meredith Strings Review Cards, and doing the suggested activities can add energy and focus to your practice session and make review more fun and motivating. This colorful deck of cards contains 53 cards -- one for every piece in the first four volumes of the revised Suzuki literature. Pieces unique to either the Violin or Viola are marked accordingly The face of each card is color coordinated with the revised editions of volumes 1-4: Volume 1 is red, Volume 2 is green, Volume 3 is blue and Volume 4 is purple. The 3 1/2 set comes packaged in a reclosable plastic bag A small, playing card size set is also available.