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Simply Scales (And Arpeggios) Viola - Latham
Simply Scales (And Arpeggios) Viola - Latham

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Simply Scales and Arpeggios Tailored to beginning students, Essential Elements for Strings Book 1 covers techniques such as instrument position, fingerings, and bowings while incorporating theory and history lessons throughout. Features a broad scope, comprehensive detail, great pacing, for Grades 1? ?This audition survival guide for teachers and students of all levels begins with one-octave major and minor scales to three sharps and flats. Two-octave scales are introduced subsequently, and the book concludes with three-octave scales to five sharps and flats. Two-octave blues scales to four sharps and flats are included as a bonus. Bowings and fingerings are not included in this workbook, which includes blank staves in the back for teachers to make suggestions. An introduction by Lynne Latham offers tips on how to practice scales and includes a lesson on scale construction and theory.