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Emergency Pre-fitted violin bridge
Violin Pre-Fitted Bridge

Our Price: $18.50

Product Code: XBR2


Emergency Pre-fitted Bridge

Just what is an emergency pre-fitted bridge anyway? It is a bridge that is pre-cut and shaped to basically fit a violin, viola or cello of a particular size.

Having said that - there is no-such-thing as a pre-fitted bridge that will fit every or any instrument perfectly. Really! Since the shape of every violin top and neck angle is uniquely different (even if it is an instrument from the same maker or factory) it would be impossible to have such a bridge made for any instrument without the Luthier having the instrument in his/her possession to make it properly fit your instrument.

The idea of an emergency pre-fitted bridge is to have an emergency spare that may be suitable to use when no other solution exists. Our quality hand cut maple violin emergency pre-fitted bridge is cut and shaped to what might be considered "typical" for an indicated size.

Perhaps it is a recital or something of that nature and your bridge breaks - then is a good time to have an emergency pre-fitted bridge ready.

The best solution is always to have your Luthier make a duplicate bridge that you can have on-hand should a bridge failure happen.

Our emergency pre-fitted bridge is cut such that there is hopefully enough wood left that a Luthier could use it and refine it to fit your instrument properly. However, if the emergency bridge was too low - the only solution would be to start with a new blank bridge.